Boudoir Videos


How should I prepare for my boudoir session?

When you schedule your appointment we will consult with you about your video shoot and discuss everything you need to know to make your session perfect.

I’m not a 20 year old supermodel, will I still look good?

A good boudoir videographer will make you look very sexy and desirable. He knows just how to pose and light you to accent your beauty. Most of the women I shoot for boudoir are everyday women you might pass in the mall, in their 30′s and 40′s with a few kids. They often come into the shoot worried about how they compare, and leave knowing that real women are beautiful and sexy. I often hear from my clients, “It’s amazing what you do with lights and posing, even without retouching I look so good.”

Can I get both black & white and color video from the same session?

Yes you can.  All photos taken during the session are available in both color and B&W.

Can I get photos to go along with my video?

Yes you can.  We need to know during the shoot so we can take the photos, but it is a fun add-on.

Will my videos or photos be public?

Privacy is very important to our boudoir and pin-up clients, which is why we take care to keep your photos controlled. They are never shown or placed on our web site without your written permission.

I want to pose with my lover, is that still boudoir?

Yes, it can still be boudoir.  Careful posing by your videographer needs to be followed to keep the intimate videos sexy, tasteful and sensual and not adult entertainment. Showing the love and passion that a couple shares between themselves can create some beautiful videos.

How long do you keep my video?

We keep your video available for six months.

Do you have specials for bachelorette parties?

Yes we have lots of fun options for a bachelorette party.  Boudoir and pin-up are fun sexy ways to create some memories for the new bride.  Everyone gets in on the fun.